TABASCO brand Bloody Mary Mix

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Like the drink’s original 1930s recipe: our sauce plus other all-natural ingredients.

TABASCO® Bloody Mary Mixes (Mildly Seasoned or Extra Spicy) are the only Bloody Mary Mixes made with TABASCO® Sauce. The same inimitable sauce used in America’s original Bloody Mary recipe, created at the King Cole Bar at the St. Regis in New York. So our mixes have the same kick that New Yorkers enjoyed in the 1930s!

And our mixes are still made from all-natural ingredients. No preservatives, stabilizers or extraneous flavorings: just the fresh, great-tasting essentials.

That’s why in addition to making the quintessential Bloody Mary, these non-alcoholic mixes can be enjoyed straight as a healthy morning breakfast drink.